Construct Nitro Mechanoid // Nitro Mechanoid
[DYN092 (Dynasty) Rainbow Foil]

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    Set: Dynasty
    Finish: Rainbow Foil
    Type: Action
    Rarity: Majestic
    Class: Mechanologist
    Cost: 4
    Power: 5
    (Constructs resolve flipped as an item in the arena.) Transform target Mechanologist head, chest, arms, legs, weapon and 3 Hyper Drivers you control into Nitro Mechanoid. If you don't, negate this. (Put them under Nitro Mechanoid. If you don't, put this in the graveyard.) Go again
    Action -- Banish a card from under Nitro Mechanoid: Attack Overpower (This can't be defended by more than 1 action card.) Temper (When the combat chain closes, if this defended, put a -1{d} counter on it, then if it has 0{d}, destroy it.)

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